She cuts a lemon and places it next to her bed. Everyone should try this!

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Look at what a lemon can do for you!

That lemons are good for many more things than just for your drink, we already knew. But that it could also be good for this, we did not know that yet! Are you a real go-getter? Then you just eat a lemon. With lemon you give yourself a vitamin boost; there are super healthy phytonutrients in lemons. These phytonutrients go in your body looking for free radicals that cause damage.

Also drinking a glass of lukewarm water with lemon juice in the morning helps to get the digestion going and lemon makes your skin beautiful from the inside. Only advantages come with this sour juice! But did you know that it can also work against depression and anxiety attacks? The aroma of a lemon has antiseptic qualities, which means it can affect your state of mind. For example, the aroma of the fruit can ensure that depressions and anxiety attacks are reduced and that a positive atmosphere in the room is created.

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