Do you have glass doors or walls in your bathroom? With this tip you will assure that no lime scale occurs!

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lime scale

Say goodbye to lime scale!

You probably recognize it; Are you super proud of your beautiful glass shower cabin and before you know it, it’s full with lime scale. What a shame! Once the lime scale is present, it is a hell of a job to remove it. And if you finally succeed, you can do it again two weeks later! You can prevent that with our handy trick!

Lime scale is a persistent and annoying problem that often settles in the bathroom on taps and glass walls. If we take a shower and we do not dry the shower stall quickly enough, the lime that is in our tap water will be spread through the bathroom. This looks very dirty and makes your shower cabin look dull. Fortunately, you can save yourself all the misery with the next tip! You’ll find the tip on the next page!